Elan at Ballena Beach

Venturing along a beaten path through lush jungle surroundings, the sights and sounds of rainforest life engulf you in a symphony of color and music. A small aperture of light in the distance guides you forward as you make your way through Mother Nature’s embrace. As you reach the source of light, your surroundings suddenly expand to limitless bounds, with seemingly endless horizons over the Pacific Ocean. To either side of you, golden sands stretch for miles as you stand in a moment of blissful solitude and take a deep breath.

Moments like that, define life at the only Costa Rica Beachfront Luxury Condos; Élan at Ballena Beach, a luxurious condominium development nestled along a narrow stretch of southwesternCosta Rican coastline known as Costa Ballena. Axiom Development Group has invested a great deal of time, vision and experience in facilitating such moments of tranquility and adventure, launched from the comforts of harmonious and contemporary living spaces in the heart of the tropical rainforest. Wedged between the mountains and the Pacific coastline, the beachside condos deliver a panoramic blend of inward and outward beauty. The project is the golden fruit of the Development Company’s vision to design seamlessly-integrated lifestyles within the region’s natural landscape.

There aren’t many homes where one of the best beaches in Costa Rica is at your doorstep, a national park in your next-door neighbor, and an incredible development with private pools and modern-day conveniences surround you. It takes only one visit to the property, to show how the company has gone above and beyond the building process to take initiatives aimed at protecting and enhancing the natural environment that engulfs Élan. Bordered to the east by coastal mountains, Élan’s elaborate series of filtration points mitigate natural water run-off, protecting the marine environment that borders the property to the west. Élan also breathes new life into its surroundings courtesy of a nursery comprised of 22,000 indigenous plants and nearly 1,000 trees.

The thoughtfully-integrated model unit provides glimpses of a lifestyle that offers the best of both worlds. The luxurious comforts of contemporary furnishings and expansive windows bring the vibrancy of your surroundings to life. As the sun sets in the late afternoon, in a tree so close that you can almost touch it, a troupe of monkeys descends on a canvas painted earlier in the day by the colorful presence of toucans ushering in the morning. The development integration into the fabric of this beautiful landscape is a tribute to the great lengths that Axiom has gone to make it possible


  • Private, gated community connected to the Playa Ballen national park and biological corridor.
  • Three swimming pools, including hot tubs and shallow areas suitable for children, with adjoining lounging areas, covered pavilions, BBQ facilities and washrooms
  • Private walkway to one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches
  • Residence elevators
  • Designated owner and guest parking
  • Lushly landscaped gardens and footpaths blended into the tropical rainforest surroundings
  • Solar energy grid tieback system to offset common area electrical charges
  • On-site property management and rental management office
  • On-site administration office

Main Selling Points:

  • Private beach access and property’s unique positioning within the national park (Also, not having to cross the highway to get to the ocean)
  • Quality of construction, finishes and furnishings Luxury amenities
  • Onsite property and rental management program
  • Serious emphasis on attracting renters for conversion
  • First product in the region designed for investors, providing a hassle-free purchase