Dulce Pacifico

The residential community of Dulce Pacífico is over 100 acres in the shape of an amphitheater to the sea. This land formation protects the view corridors providing privacy and security.

A thermodynamic phenomenon occurs throughout Dulce Pacifico as it sits on a landmass with the ocean on both sides. Air is drawn back and forth over the ridge and through the valley due to the difference in temperatures in the waters and the land. This provides a constant cool breeze throughout the day.

The Dulce Pacifico valley was shaped over the millennia to form this gently sloping fertile valley. A creek fed from springs creates the heart of the property providing abundant flora and fauna to flourish throughout the community. The creek shimmers and dances as it plays a symphony of life for the adjacent property owners to enjoy.

Dulce Pacífco is a culmination of years of listening and understanding the pain points of residents and buyers in Costa Rica. At Dulce Pacifico, buyers may choose from 47 large estate properties, with breathtaking ocean and mountain views, and have our team develop your vision of the perfect Costa Rica Jungle Home Experience. Through the use of our unique architectural design system, you as the owner have the flexibility of designing the home to your individual needs and lifestyle, while achieving cost and material efficiency.

Project Highlights

“GREEN” Homes Every facet of the Dulce Pacifico community is based on the concept of eco-friendly homes and amenities From battery powered lawn care tools used by our greens keepers (which will include solar powered charging stations) to solar powered road lighting, our team has thoughtfully designed a nature friendly environment for our residents.


THE MODEL HOMES are the real protagonists in the story written by each one of our owners. Each individual home will be unique to the selected property setting created by our experienced design team integrating the natural features of the specific lot, be it lot shape, trees or other topographical features to define each home as one of a kind in a community that is quite idiosyncratic.